Troyer Products – Rich in Tradition… Rich in Taste

May we pose just a few questions? Does quality matter? Does taste matter? Does your family's health matter? Does a history and tradition of consistent customer satisfaction matter? We recently posed these questions to a number of our customers. We attempted to pose the questions to a wide cross-section of shoppers.  We tried to include [...]

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GateWay Butcher Shop and Deli

The folks at GateWay Butcher Shop, Meat Market and Deli understand the carnivores among us. The people who love a premium piece of meat for dinner. Those who love to grill out for family and friends and for whom a meal isn’t complete without steak, chops, chicken, bacon, sausage or some other meat product. And [...]

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GateWay Grille & Delicatessen

What are the elements that must come together to make a great neighborhood grill and delicatessen? Does it just happen by accident? Or does it take careful planning, the finest ingredients, pleasant people whose goal is friendly and efficient customer service, an experienced butcher and a chef with years of experience in preparing meals that [...]

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Keller Works Skin Care Products Available at GateWay Market

Do you want to smell BEAUTIFUL? Do you want your skin to be smooth and soft? Do you want your appearance to be the envy of your friends, neighbors and family? Well, of course you do! (Who doesn’t?) All of us want to look our best. We don’t want to run into old friends we [...]

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Put the magic back in Christmas

Cue the music… Isn’t Christmas a magical time of year?! Isn’t it just PERFECT?! Lots of snow, horse-drawn carriages, presents under the tree . . . and everything just happens magically! Stop the music… Everything just happens magically! Really?! Bah, humbug! (Hey, who said that?) Nope. Nothing happens magically. Christmas is hard work. Lots of [...]

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